« A cabinetmaker and designer, Romain first learned within the family fabrication shop. Because he grew up in an environnement made of exceptional pieces, he fell in love with contemporary creation and then designed his first own collections.

Based on sober shapes and refined lines, his approach focuses on enhancing wood material by taking advantage of its natural intrisic properties. Expertise and know-how are neither ends in themselves nor demonstrations of technics but the way to serve the creation.

Giving large attention to details, Romain loves to create surprises and nuances which do not appear at first glance but over time.

Visible or hidden, all parts and steps of fabrication are subject to the same attention and meticulousness. The global process is aiming to absolute quality.

Every creation is a masterpiece or very small-volume fabrication…»

Cécile Gilbert-Byl
Savoirs et Faire le Bois – éditions Actes Sud Fondation Hermès

Along this personnal and creative work, Romain also leads the production of contemporary furnitures on behalf of designers and decorators within the family fabrication shop « Les Ateliers de la Chapelle »


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